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"If you want to get somewhere fast, go alone.

  If you want to go the distance, go together." - African Proverb

"So I Did, Now We Are" - Thanks for the Wisdom!

MnM Founder | Aaron Michael Lambert

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RFI Due Date: March 20th COB

Phase 1

Bidders Conference: TBD

(Partners, Please Contact Us to Host)

Deadline To Submit Acknowledgment to Bid: 

January 8th, 2020

Elvis & Aaron

Thank You In Advance, 

For The Birthday Gift, On Our Special Day.  

We Can't Build Our Dreams, On Suspicious Minds, Because We Love America.  So Much!  Don't Walk Out on .US

The .World Needs US!


Don't Delay | Spring Into Action |  EvE Will Thank You

I.T. Is a Brilliant Time | For New Beginnings


At this continued stage, of Research & Development, MnM is in the critical phase of expanding its partner network to identify potential organizations for their further expertise and guidance, in the creation of the required designs and architectures of the ArcAngel Academy and Operational Business Units. 

In addition to operational infrastructure requirements, RFI responses must include initial site locations (data center), hardware & software development configurations, leveraging available cloud, virtual machine environments, and SaaS models supporting MnM's planned educational platforms, proposed curriculum's, and on-line learning capabilities.  To keep things simple and uniform, please be sure to utilize the response template provided below.

Statements of work (SOW) and or pricing quotations are not required at this preliminary RFI stage, but are highly encouraged to streamline the future RFP process (if required), and the positioning of potential organizations with "preferred partner status".  This status is viewed as the "force multiplier" in the successful outcome of each step in MnM's start-up process.

In addition to this website, MnM will provide a copy of the supporting written project justifications, upon receiving acknowledgement from individual partners who intend to support MnM's Request for Information.   Acknowledgments must be received via the inquiry form located within the Contact US page.

Please be sure to include your organizations name, areas of expertise, support and a single point of contact.  MnM will promptly respond and schedule an initial briefing call to further discuss the scope of this opportunity, next steps and to answer any clarifying questions.

Depending on the level of interactions by an individual partner, a Confidentiality Agreement may be required to ensure the proprietary nature of MnM's planned operations and project scope.  The confidentiality agreement can be found at the bottom of the Investors navigation page.

Confidentiality Agreements should be signed and emailed separately to: [email protected]

In addition, all RFI responses and support documentation

 should be emailed separately to the same address as above.  

Please use the following format in the "Email Subject Header:" 


  • MnM RFI Phase 1 Response: Your Organizations Name - Proposed Product and or Service
  • RFI Response Template - (click here) 
  • Partners, who wants to co-create the response template
    • Insight, Microsoft, Accenture, Dell Technologies, Perot Systems?  How about Apple? Contact Us.  We're waiting, but please, don't miss the boat.  The ArcSails with or without you.  But, the ArcSails smoother with our "Trusted Partners."
  • Please, Pay Attention:  Here's The Big 3
  • (1) RFI responses should be short, succinct and competitively impactful, demonstrating how your organization will ensure MnM's market (2) advantages to our students, and clientele, product and service superiority, and most importantly, (3) advantageous to our investors

Let's Work Together.  Let's Get Something Done.

Thank You!

MnM's Founder | Aaron Michael Lambert

MnM ArcOne®

"The ArcProject Scope"

The MnM Family of 

Business Units | Platforms | Community Partners

ArcOne | ArcTube | ArcTouch | ArcCloud | ArcWireless

ArcAngel Academy | RippleOne | InspireOne |

Educational Platforms | Course & Curriculum Development

5G Wireless Converged, 3D/4D Virtual Reality


Educational Modality | For Children

With Learning Disabilities or Special Needs

MnM's Most Adored

 Physical & Virtual Classroom Platforms

Hardware | Software | SaaS/PaaS Configurations

IT as a Service (ITaas)

SIEM Platforms (Hosted & On-Premise)

WordPress Developer Platforms

Content Delivery | Caching

ERP | Agile | Operational Platforms (Dev/Ops)

Partner/Re-seller Portal Development

Infrastructure | Storage | Replication | Cloud Environments

Managed Services Level 1-3 | CyberSecurity NOC/SOC Platforms

Data Center Operations | Collocation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Contact Center Services

Business Intelligence | Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning

Integration & Convergence 

Operational Websites | Brick & Mortar Locations

San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Chicago, New York


Steady State Operations and Support

Platform Re-seller Agreements

(White Label Services)

Migration & Transformation Planning

Service Level Agreements

Please Reference:

The Operational Chart Navigation Page

* Updated Version Coming Soon *

If your organization would Like to get involved and support MnMs start-up efforts,

Please Use the Website Contact US Form

Thank You!

***Special Thanks to Our Trusted Partner, Vistaprint***

Is This Thing On?  

Can Your Hear Me, Now?

Future Development Areas


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URL Shortening 

ArcLight Redirect Technology


Welcome to The Future, Now!

"The ArcRooms"

Classrooms of The Future, Now!

5G Wireless Digital Media

In-Home Experience | Fun For The Family

Connect With Your Friends | Introducing The ArcTouch

A Modern,

Safe, Bully Free Environment

A Purposeful Social Media Communications Platform 

Connect & Share | It's More Than a Toy

Deep Learning ArcAI | Enriched Educational Streams | All Genre Dance Tube

Select Modern Art | Featuring Social Responsibility | Social Awareness

A Creative Commons 

Digital Dream Media Platform Solutions


The American Dream 

Purpose Built, Safe For all Kids & Teens.  That's Our Founders Commitment 

Keeping Our Families and Communities Safe


The New ArcTube, Simply Better!

"Hey Kids, Just Click Arky"

 The ClickCricket

Converged, 5G Ultra Wide-band Wireless Technology

 Virtual Reality & Multi-Sensory Solutions

I'm The ClickCricket 


The Bring to Life, OneTouch Hopper!

(The Builder)

OneTouch STEM Educational Direct Links

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