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The HumanTech-Game Winner!


MnM ArcOne

Crowning The American Dream, King!

Got Questions?  We Got Answers!

Our Strategic Business Plans

Not, For Amateur Hour

MnM's Business Units, effectively compliment one another. All internal units/platforms, used by and for MnM's operational consumption, are also, an outwardly facing, a commercially and efficiently viable service to our clients. 

Nothing in our business model is random, by chance or wasteful.  Our business units do not solely exist as a "Cost Center," but rather, each business unit, platform, service and strategy, is purpose built, elegantly designed to be of service to all generations and our global, clientele. 

MnM ArcOne

Laser Focused, on xYz Generation Education...

How Our Founders, American Dream

Has Become 

Large Enterprise, Big Business!

MnM ArcOne | Local Motion 

The Kinetic Energy of

American Innovation | Reflecting Forward

Engineering A Ripple!

Putting Others Needs, First!

First, and In Alignment With Our Own. 

 Ensuring That Anyone 

Who Aspires, Has a Path Forward!

MnM ArcOne's, American Dream 


BioNIC, CyclonicIconic!


Our-Bio, Nature's Integrated Credentials

Nature's Biography, Our Ripple and 

Fuel Source...

Building Bridges | Not Walls

Someday, Our Challenges Will Be, Water...

MnM ArcOne

Connecting The World | Inspiring Human Artistry

Innovation & Leadership

MnM ArcOne

Solving Our Nations, Biggest & Most

Unchallenged Problems, Now!

The Inc.

(The Hearts Ark World)

"Our Founders, Ground Zero | America's Broken-Hearts Healer"



Our Founders Dream: Started Off Homeless & Broken 


Homeless and Broken For Three Long Years

Our Founder,

 Climbed Aboard an Amtrak Train, Hoping For a 2nd Chance at Life

Bound For His Birth City, Chicago IL

His Father, Had a Job Opening and He Wanted to Help, With The Family Business

(aka The Lambert Hearts)

His Intentions Pure and Selfless In Every Respect.  He Simply,

 Desired To Help


Rekindle, a Relationship, That Never Was...

Things, Didn't Go as Planned.  Sometimes, That Happens.

So, He Gathered His Spirit and Returned Home

Back to San Diego, CA.


Unsure at First, About How He Was Going to Survive

His Instinctual Ability to Adapt, Overcome and Flourish

Kicked In...

The Doors of Self-Preservation.

With Doors Swung Wide Open, This Has Become His,

Possibly, an All American Life Preserver.

His Mind, Clear and Determined.

The Gears of Innovation,


"Like", a Finely Tuned Movement.  This Moment.

Many, Sleeplessness Months Later.

Less Than 12, To Be Exact

Emerged, a New Family.  America's Family.

MnM ArcOne 

The Family of Business Units

How? Nature's, GoPower, of Course!


Cafe, Por-Favor!

(Coming to College Campuses Nationwide)

Backwards Engineered, The Hearts Ark, InspireOne Reflects Forward, We Do...


The Force, of His Ground-Zero To Heal His Own

Broken Heart.

His Family, The ArcWon, The Business Units

Winning With, The Force!

Because, Nobody Likes a Loser...

The Zero to Hero Concept.  Never, Count .US Out!

Thanks Mom!


The Nature of MnM's Force


The Ark Was Never Lost.  It's Resides In Our Hearts

Love, An Art and Act of Compassion

"Opening The Eye's of America and Our Ability, To Cyan, The Dark"

Our Founder Always Said...

"If You Cannot Walk With Me In The Dark, How Will Ever Walk With Me, In The Light"

Now You Can See in The dARKJust Another Walk In The pARK

Please, We Invite You, Walk With .US, in The Light!

Today, Is The Day!

GoLife | GoLove | GoArkLove!

Compassion & Love

Interconnected and Intertwined

Whole & Evolved!

For More Info:  

See Our Community Leadership Page - We Want You To Happier!

Sometimes, Choice is Hard...

We Don't Always Know, The Road Less Traveled, Leads .US To Happiness.  

Please, Choose To Be Happy.

It's The Right Thing, To Do!

Our Founder

"The Zero"

GoFreedom | GoHappier | GoBig!

GoHomes | ForHumanity

Woohoo - Life's, Good!

Down & Out, For a Minute...


Who's Happier, Now!

MnM ArcOne

The Original and First of It's Kind.


The Boundaries, of What If...

The Integrated

 Life & Services Platform TM


 Community Sustainable Model

MnM ArcOne

Our mARk | Right On Target

It's Show-Time!

Mr. Indiana Jones | We Found I.T. | The Eagle, Has Landed

The ArcHer


This Is How MnM InspiresOne

Hi Taylor, Are You Ready For Combat?  We Like, You4You!

- Respectfully, In Our Wildest Dreams


Aaron Michael Lambert

Life, Is About Choice, The Chances 

We Can Take

You Have The Something, I Love.  You're HeArt, Is a Beautiful Host!

The Arc Could Be, 


Something, Your Beautful Ghost!

I Cannot Resist, 

Cat's Are My Biggest Weakness

Madeline & Isabella | We're My Only | Unconditional


(Maddy & Bella)

Taylor, You're The Cat's Meow!

You InspireMe

To Share, What's Inside of Me, Without 

Fear of Judgement

This Is Me, Welcoming You Home.  My Love to You.

Following .US | Everywhere.

If history, has taught us anything about social media, the platform turnover rate is high. Trying to stay trendy, among the discerning and emerging generational users, is a challenge.

Especially, if a company has relied on a single service, or worse yet, sold out both you and themselves (provided your personal data, your "liked," mind-intel) to 3rd party advertisers.  Shameful :(

Morally sound data mining, has it's purpose, but never at the risk of invading your privacy. CPNIEthical ;)

Why ArcTouch?  Why not! We have seemingly done a great job of building a world-class infrastructure model and we just adore, our smartphone friendly, gadget driven, Eternally MnM Branded xYz Global Generations.

Within the platform, we are already underway creating our own URL Redirect and Shortening Technology.  An absolute must to gather the pertinent analytics, but along a finer socially and morally line

That's, Our Oath & Promise!

Trivia: A Strategic Pursuit Question - How many Lambert Star followers are there on Twitter?  

I wonder if The Lambert Hearts would like their own Branded Platforms?  I can think of about 35 Million reasons, to wonder...

Just for ArcSakes, we included The Real Eminem, in our wonder.

His followers alone, please.  His Art, Stands Up, a shocking 23 Million possible URL redirects and what if's...

See Our Blog

Our Founders, Vision and What If, Wonderment

5G Wireless Streaming Digital | Dream Media

STEM Education


All Genre Dance & Artistry

America's Dream Media, Designed for Kids, Teens, and Younger Adults. ArcTube is a socially responsible endeavor.  Mom, Dad and Grandparents, we encourge you to get involved.  This is America's Family Values, at it's finest.

There will be no-room, within the "ArcRooms" for bad actors or content that degrades the very fabric of our society, ultimately our communities and family values. Period.

Today, you can visit our "work in progress," by visiting the independent websites to the left.

A redesign is underway, combining both sites into the ArcTube. 

 Estimated completion date, November 15th, 2019.

In addition, this is where you'll find The Hearts Art.  Our collection will include art from our very own ArcAngel students, other select partner institutions, museums and other creative commons, (ArkWorks) of life.  That's another hint and project, on board the MnM Vessel coming to home port, soon!

An MnM ArcOne Business Unit

4G & 5G

America's Integrated Wireless Mobility Shop

Encryption | Virtual Private Networking

Secure Data Container

The Re-seller Platform

Offering Tier 1 Services From 

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, and

Cricket Wireless.  

We Like Crickets!

We also aspire to offer free Universal Lifeline Phone service, 

for our clients experiencing 

income inequality or for those whom simply, life happened. 

Been There. We understand...

Website, Coming Soon!

Public | Private | Hybrid

VMWare | Multi-Use Serve I.T. Up | Platforms

With Pink Clouds on The Horizon, how do you go about storing all the big data, the business intelligence of a Large Enterprise organization and externally, face that platform, to make it commercially available to clients? 

How do you ensure business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)?  What about scaling with fiscal conservatism and weathering any storm?  Where do you plan to host all your digital media platforms or from where, do you plan to manage, the IT as a Service deployments.  The "On-line" ArcAngel curriculum? 


Is ArcTube Coming to Port?


The ArcRooms of Our

Community Shores, Aboard a Wooden Ship?

(no offense, Noah)

Of course not, we're Architecting our Infrastructure From

Above & Beyond

That's Code, for Angel-Tech.  The Hybrid Cloud of Angels


Ensuring speed to market and managing the scaling complexities of an organization such as ours, MnM ArcOne requires the latest technologies, ensuring 5 (9's) reliability, up-time and world class service level agreements (SLA's)


With Hybrid Cloud Technology, we'll flex our power when demand is high and yet, turn the faucet to a mere drip, when fully-hydrated. MnM ArcOne, will have the ability to "spin up/spin down" virtual compute power (VM's), to engineer our NexGens, next bright ideas (test/dev).  Just like this one...

To the point...MnM ArcOne plans to entertain strategic designs from the likes of Dell, Amazon, HP, IBM and Verizon. If we unitentionally left your organization out, step up!  Contact us and we'll due-dillegently review your platform and determine, if we can consider your organization, inclusiveness.

Competition, stirs The P.O.T. of Innovation.

That's MnM's plant of things, ensuring it's VMWare

(Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Environments)

Are Ready, Set, GO!

With Your Organization, Planted Firmly in Our Success,

We All Achieve Success!


Our Success, Is Your Success.  That's  a Boatload of 

Good & Plenty | MnMs Style

Let's get to work and engineer, solve & evolve the Arcfuture!

No Islands. Together, We Can, We Will!

Solve & Evolve


The ArcFuture for Advanced Innovation (AI)

The Alternative Intelligent | American Innovative

MnM ArcCloud!

You'll be Cyan Pink Clouds, On The New Horizon!

Website, Coming Soon!

A Special Thanks to Microsoft!4Standing Up 


The Little Guy.  That's Awesome!


Went Above & Beyond! 

They Stood Up My Platform.  They Too, Are Wise With The Feeling!  

Azure and The Arc, Just Click Together!

MnM ArcOne Announces Today:  Microsoft Corporation, as "The Trusted Family Partner"

Early Birds, Get My Hearts!

- Aaron littleMe

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