MnM ArcOne Careers - Welcome to The Family!

Thanks for your interest in the MnM ArcOne Family of Business Units.  

At MnM, family always comes first...

As you can imagine, launching a new business, especially one as ambitious as ours, is a tremendous undertaking and if you're reading this, then we like your style.  You're ambitious too and know that getting into an organization such as ours, at the ground floor, is a career game changer.  Let's make that happen!

At this point in our process, we are actively seeking out like minded executives within the following disciplines, but if you cant wait and have tenacity, send us your resume at [email protected]

If you're a good fit for our current requirements, we'll be sure to contact you directly.  In time, we'll post all of our open positions, by market, as they become available.  Check back often, as you're welcome to reapply.  The MnM T.E.A.M. thanks you and we can't wait to make you part of our family.

The following positions are now being considered.  Please send your resume, including your LinkedIn profile information to [email protected].  Upon receipt, we will review and acknowledge your submission and reply with next steps, if any.

To be considered for a "C" Level or VP position, the candidate must have New Venture and or M&A experience, within the large enterprise sector (Fortune 1000). Higher Education and or Technology related experience is required.  Please include a standard cover letter detailing your success in each of the above categories, as they pertain to our individual operational business lines.  Please, be sure to review our operations overview, prior to submitting your resume.  Your time is valuable, so is ours :)

San Diego & Chicago (Relocation Assistance TBD)

Future Markets:  Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Houston, St Louis, Kansas City, Miami, New York, Boston

  • Founder & Chief Strategist (Position Filled)
  • Interim CEO (Well Connected in Venture Cap)
  • Chief General Counsel
  • Associate, General Counsel
  • Chief Information Officer/CTO (Dual Role)
  • Chief Security Officer (SIEM Required)
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Executive Assistant(s)
  • Director, Human Resources
  • Director, Finance - Proposal Mngt. & Deal Flow
  • Director, Operations & Service Delivery
  • VP, Sales ArcOne
  • VP, Sales RippleOne
  • VP, Sales InspireOne
  • VP, ArcTube Content Delivery Services
  • Director, ArcTube Content Development
  • VP, N.A. Marketing & "xYz Generation" Brand Mngt.
  • Senior Editor, Social Media Content & Presence
  • Junior Editor, Product, Marketing, Social Media Content Development 
  • Director, Information Technology
  • Dean, ArcAngel Academy & Academic Affairs
  • VP, ArcAngel Academy Operations
  • Director, ArcAngel Academy On-Line Services & Support
  • Director, ArcAngel Academy Course & Curriculum Development
  • Director, ArcAngel Student Recruiting
  • Director, Community Outreach Programs
  • MnM Ambassador, The Hearts Ark World 501(c)
  • Director, Sustainability Programs
  • Director, Partner Programs (RFI Management)
  • Director, Proposal Development & Management
  • Director, Corporate Real Estate Acquisition & Facilities Mngt.
  • Staff Engineering, URL Shortening & Redirect Technologies (Dev/Test)
  • Staff Engineering, CyberSecurity & Cryptography (Dev/Test)

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