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America's Generational Footsteps

MnM ArcOne®

Millennium Movement

Bridge Builder || Dream Maker


Advancement and Innovation


Connecting .US


The Digital .World

Bridging The Gaps

Life | Education | Business | Community | Environment


MnM's ArcOne

Millennium Movement

A Period of 1000 Years, an Interval of Time 

That Time Starts, Now!

Complacency Avoidance | MnM Security Strategy


MnM ArcOne®

Mission Statement

Inspire, Educate and Empower the xYz Generations with affordable, practical and highly impactful academic programs, through its MnM ArcAngel Academies.

Provide opportunity for all those who aspire, to learn the skills to research and develop (R&D), manage and scale, and upon graduation, own a profitable micro or small business entrepreneurial endeavor.

With a purpose-built ecosystem of business units, technology platforms, and partners, MnM ArcOne will continuously enhance the lives of its post-graduate students, enterprise clients, and the communities that it serves, by offering World-Class CyberSecurity, Marketing, Digital Media, Business Enablement and Transformation Professional Services.

The Environment & Climate Change

Global Warming

It's On Our Minds.  How About Yours?

Vision Statement


The MnM ArcOne

"Life, as an EcoSystem"

Community Sustainable Integrated Life & Services

Platform | Model | Strategy


The ReGeneration Movement and

World Environment Day (WED) in America!

First Introduced By:

Dell Chairman and CEO, Michael Dell on World Environment Day (2007)


Generation Education

We're not defined by what's different about us as individuals, 

resulting in generational gaps, keeping 

communities separate and apart from.  Rather, our 

threading is what brings us together. 

We, focus on 

what we have in common.  How we're, all interconnected.

Laser Focused

On What

Really, Matters, Most!

As a Cohort, we're drawn together by a Common Thread.  A mindset of mutual respect.  A mindfulness, that brings us together, allowing focus on the matters at hand, cooperatively and peacefully. 


This framework allows Generation Education to tackle what matters most.  Nothing matters more, than the critical issues of Global Warming, Poverty, Hunger, Education and Homelessness.  There are other important issues, but collectively, we're talking about Life, the Environment, Planet Earth and our Stewardship Responsibility (a social responsibility), as Human Beings.  

As a society, are we doing enough, for our Children?


Being Human.  It's a World Duty

Me | You | .US | .World


Our Children, Deserve It.  They Are Counting On .US

Are You In?

MnM ArcOne

Millennium Movement


The Human Spirit.  A Mindset, To Peacefully, Succeed!

For More Information


The Kinetics of Generations

Visit The Ground Breaking and Informative

Works of:

The Center for Generational Kinetics

Partners?  Let Us Know.

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​​MnM ArcOne® 

Environmental Leadership

Most Large Enterprise organizations today, have either a "GoGreen or GoBlue" eco-friendly statement and course of actions for its governance.  However, at MnM we don’t see the world as disconnected and separate, but rather as a Living, Connected Ecosystem and for this reason, we have created the original...

Life, as an EcoSystem Strategy (LaaEs)™

"The Sustainable Model"

The strategy is expressed as "Like in Nature", all things should be Interconnected and Whole, efficiently working together to ensure that the balances that exist and support life, remains "for Millenniums to come".


Interconnected & Whole

MnM combined the hope of GoBlue, GoGreen and their colors representative of waters and lands, and our addition of air into the color CyanWith those colors now integrated and representative in our logo scheme, we simply express our organization as hope for humanity, interconnected and whole.  The new diamond standard.

Our Founder,

 Dreams In Color.  Do You?

See'n Cyan?

Blue Green Algae

Our Founders Inspiration

Late last summer, while swimming 

under the 

cover of the stars, in his home-town of 

San Diego, CA...

Aaron, noticed a peculiar, 

but wonderful color near the waters edge. The color, what was it?

You guessed it. It was the glowing color of the resident algae, Cyan. 

 Blue Green Algae to be specific.

Cyan, Mother Nature's 

Wonder Color, it's a favorite of MnM ArcOne's founder and QuantumEvE.

EvE for short,

she represents in our founders blue-green eye's, 

a "Young Native American Girl,"

an all

Generational IdentifiableVirtual Girl of Nature


For The World's Consciousness of Today's


Social Media Friendly, Digital Age.

QuantumVgIRL=MnM GoLife!


Say Hello!

To My Little Blue-Green Friend!

(With your best Al Pacino)

Friend or Foe

 Innovation or Pond Scum?


 The Answers...

To high protein enriched foods? 

Solve, in part, world hunger? 

How about an environmentally friendly, alternative fuel source? The ability to reduce world-wide carbon emissions?


Will it curb green house gasses and ultimately, address Global Warming? End wars over oil? 


Not convinced?  Think the founder of MnM, is off his rocker? Don't take his word for it. See for yourself. 

Global Algae Innovations, another innovative San Diego based company, is doing just that!

Did you think it would be like landing a "rocket ship" on the moon?  Perhaps, but let's go for a walk on the moon,

because this too, has already come to fruition.

Global Algae Innovations

San Diego, CA


Innovative, San Diego Based Company

Who Get's I.T.

Global Algae Innovations


Believe, In The Power of Algae!

Walking On The Moon?


They Said, It Can't Be Done!

Our Founder, is used to doubt and skepticism.  He encourages it.  It keeps him honest in his assessments of "what's broken," and just adds fuel to his already, blazing passion to succeed.

Just tell him, you can't to do it.  He'll tell you, relax, this too shall, ripple.  That Ripple, has already begun and ensures our movement, to what's next.  To what will be fixed.

If There's Human Will, There's a Millennium Way..

One Small Step for Man,

One Tsunami of a Ripple, for Mankind.

Any Questions?

GoCyan!® GoLife!® GoCyanLife

The MnM ArcOne


Life | Education | Business | Community

Environment | Leadership

Where Our Founder, GoesCyanLife.

Sedona, AZ

Our Founder, an avid and experienced trail-runner, can often be found in the 

Red Rock of Sedona, Arizona.

A Vortex of Energy and Healing.  Just What 

America Needs!

  The Backdrop of this 

frame, taken from his very own camera, 

his last, distant now, but most 

recent and memorable visit.  


Let's all Move to the Truth, a Rhythm, the Harmony of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. 

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